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Sahar Yaftaly, DMD
A Great Dentist

Meet Dr. Sahar Yaftaly, DMD

Dr. Sahar Yaftaly strives to help every patient achieve a healthy smile. Her passion for dentistry began by volunteering at the Free Clinic of Simi Valley where she met her mentor, Dr. Josie Dovidio, who inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry. Her desire is to make every patient feel as if they are part of the family and offers enthusiasm while providing high quality comprehensive dental care. Dr. Sahar Yaftaly is a Simi Valley native and is thrilled to be able to serve the community in which she was raised.

Our Mission

We like our patients to feel at home when they come to our office – to enter as patients and leave as friends. Our purpose is to provide quality care for the entire family, with the advantages of modern technology paired with the comfort of an old-town private practice.

Preventive Dental Care

We focus on providing proactive dental care to you, as we want to prevent dental crises before they begin. For that reason, we encourage you to schedule professional dental cleanings and oral health check-ups with Dr. Sahar Yaftaly at least twice a year. Your teeth will be cleaner and brighter and Dr. Yaftaly will be able to note any changes to their condition. Also, Dr. Yaftaly will be able to examine you for signs of gum disease and oral cancer, which should be caught and treated in the early stages for the best possible outcome.

Our office uses digital x-rays, which are quicker and more detailed than traditional film x-rays and far more comfortable for you to have taken. If you would like to relax while having your teeth cleaned, or during non-surgical periodontal therapy (scaling and root planing), we offer headphones, through which you can listen to your favorite music, or to a movie playing on a nearby TV, while undergoing the procedure. Our team is warm, friendly, and caring, and our office is a comfortable and welcoming space, the better to make you feel at home when you come in for an appointment.

Digital X-Rays

As noted above, digital x-rays offer specific benefits over traditional film x-rays, including:

  • A faster process, as there is no film to be developed
  • The ability to zoom in and analyze images, thus arriving at more accurate diagnostics
  • Up to 90% less radiation than film x-rays
  • Viewable at chairside on a nearby computer monitor
  • The ability to be saved to a computer, thus accessed more quickly and referenced during future appointments

Dr. Yaftaly will conduct a digital x-ray examination to identify any dental issues or damage in your mouth that might not be visible through a visual exam. Such issues as decay between the teeth or under a filling, damage beneath the gumline, or infections beneath the enamel are all discoverable by using digital x-rays and can be treated before they develop into more serious conditions that threaten the integrity of your natural teeth.

Dental Cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis with Dr. Yaftaly and one of our hygienists will help you protect your oral health. The ADA recommends that you have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional twice a year, and Dr. Yaftaly will conduct an oral exam to screen for signs of oral cancer, tooth decay, gum disease, and changes to your bite. You will also be asked about changes to your medical history, such as diagnoses of chronic health conditions (diabetes or heart disease, for example) and any new medications you may be taking.

Dental cleanings typically involve ultrasonic instruments that dislodge large amounts of plaque and tartar (calculus) deposits that have built up on your teeth. After your teeth are cleaned and rinsed, the hygienist will use a scaler to scrape off remaining tartar and polish your teeth to smooth them so that bacteria can no longer cling to their surfaces. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a year or more, your teeth may be sensitive. Let Dr. Yaftaly and the hygienist know so that they can use a topical numbing gel if the cleaning is uncomfortable for you.

Sealants & Fluoride Varnishes

Sealants help to prevent dental decay by covering the deep grooves in your teeth. These grooves, which never close completely, can allow bacteria to leach into the interior of the teeth and cause cavities. Sealants are made of plastic and are brushed over your teeth in one visit, creating a barrier to harmful bacteria and warding off tooth decay.

Fluoride is a mineral that bonds with your tooth enamel and strengthens it, thus strengthening your teeth as well. Because you may not get enough fluoride to receive its benefits, a professional fluoride treatment from Dr. Yaftaly can help you to fight tooth decay. A fluoride varnish is painted on your teeth in one appointment; it hardens on contact with saliva, so you can’t accidentally remove it by licking your teeth.

Call our office to schedule your dental cleanings and check-ups. Dr. Yaftaly and our hygienists will ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy and resolve any damage or dental issues you may have, so contact us for a consultation with Dr. Yaftaly today.

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