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Sahar Yaftaly, DMD
A Great Dentist

Meet Dr. Sahar Yaftaly, DMD

Dr. Sahar Yaftaly strives to help every patient achieve a healthy smile. Her passion for dentistry began by volunteering at the Free Clinic of Simi Valley where she met her mentor, Dr. Josie Dovidio, who inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry. Her desire is to make every patient feel as if they are part of the family and offers enthusiasm while providing high quality comprehensive dental care. Dr. Sahar Yaftaly is a Simi Valley native and is thrilled to be able to serve the community in which she was raised.

Our Mission

We like our patients to feel at home when they come to our office – to enter as patients and leave as friends. Our purpose is to provide quality care for the entire family, with the advantages of modern technology paired with the comfort of an old-town private practice.

Services & Procedures

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Dr. Sahar Yaftaly and our team want you to know that our greatest priority lies in giving you the best dental care we can to protect your oral health. We emphasize preventive dental care to avert the potential destruction that can come from haphazard oral hygiene practices.

Because good oral hygiene starts well before primary teeth appear, we encourage you to bring your children to our office so Dr. Yaftaly may discuss proper care of your children’s teeth and gums. As well as familiarizing your children with our team and our office, regular visits with your children will provide opportunities for Dr. Yaftaly to examine their teeth and discuss treatments such as sealants and fluoride varnishes as protective measures.

Twice yearly cleanings and examinations are vital for maintaining good health and catching any problems that do develop as early as possible. During your check-up, Dr. Yaftaly will examine your mouth for signs of gingivitis and gum disease, damage from tooth decay or trauma, and oral cancer.

We urge you to contact our office if you have a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, such as broken teeth or an infection. You can call our office number, and we will be glad to help you. We perform extractions when necessary, and will discuss all options with you to determine whether a simple or surgical extraction is an appropriate course to follow in your case. 

Aside from dental issues, Dr. Yaftaly also treats bruxism (grinding and clenching of teeth). If you need protection for your teeth due to nightly grinding, Dr. Yaftaly can have a night guard custom-made for you. And if you play sports or take part in other physical activities, a mouth guard can help to safeguard your teeth from being injured or loosened.

Restorative Care

Dr. Yaftaly will consult with you on the procedures we offer if you need to have your teeth repaired or restored. Using digital x-rays, we can find the source of infection or damage in greater detail and in less time than using traditional film x-rays. 

Should extractions be crucial to preserving your dental health, Dr. Yaftaly can present you with options to restore your teeth through implants, complete and partial dentures, or dental bridges. While implants are stable and behave the most like your natural teeth, dentures can be an acceptable choice, and dental bridges can replace missing sequential teeth without the need to surgically implant posts. Our aim is to preserve your oral health to its fullest and to give you a variety of choices to do so.

Cosmetic Dental Services

The health and appearance of your teeth go hand-in-hand with your physical health and self-image. We believe you deserve the best treatment we can give, and we will help you to manage both your oral hygiene and your smile. Come in to see Dr. Yaftaly twice a year for dental cleanings and see if our professional tooth whitening service can give you back your bright, youthful smile. 

We also offer dental bonding as an option to repair chipped or crooked teeth or to fill in unsightly gaps. Dental bonding involves resurfacing your teeth with composite tooth-colored resin, which is hardened and smoothed on your tooth to make it appear more attractive. If you would like to brighten your smile as well as have dental bonding done, ask Dr. Yaftaly about whitening your natural teeth before the bonding, as we can then match the color of bonding material to the shade of your newly whitened teeth for a more aesthetic appearance.

Contact Us for Your Next Appointment

We are happy to see you, even if it’s been some time since you’ve come in for a cleaning or examination. We also enjoy meeting new people of any age. Call us for an appointment if it has been at least a year since your last cleaning or if you have small children who need a dentist.

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